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10 Questions With Emerging Hip-Hop Artist Luwidakid: A Journey Through Sound and Culture"

Author: Corey M @TheSageCorey

Artist: Lewis "Lewidakid" Abia

In a world where the Music Industry is constantly evolving, it takes more than just raw talent to make a mark. Emerging Hip-Hop Artist Lewis "Luwidakid" Abia, hailing from Cameroon and raised in North Virginia, is here to share his unique sound and journey in the industry. In his exclusive interview with Everydayclout, Luwidakid shares his insights on success, inspiration, and what sets him apart from other Artists in the game.

Hi, how are you today?

"I'm doing great. Got a lot to do today."

Where are you from?

"I was born in Cameroon and grew up in North Virginia. Currently, I'm living in Pittsburgh since 2014."

When did you start making music - and what or who were your early influences?

"I started making music when I was 14 in 2010. My early influences were Kanye, 50 Cent, Kid Cudi, Drake, Wiz, and Bob Marley."

What skills do you think Artists need to be successful?

"An artist needs to have a unique sound to stand out and then also be able to market their brand. Whether it's done by themselves through being a personality on social media or by having a great team behind them."

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

"I watch what engages music fans on social media."

When performing, what techniques do you use to engage the audience?

"I like to speak to my audience before certain songs to let them know a little story behind the record. When I perform my afro-beats records I tell everyone to stand up and move to the beat. Whenever it makes sense, I get the audience to repeat after me or clap to the rhythm of the beat. There's a few other things I do, but I can't give away all the sauce."

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being an artist?

"Personally, I think the most rewarding part is getting in-person reactions to the lyrics I say or the beat I'm on, which are usually produced by Julio. That also applies to getting off stage and hearing what people thought of the show."

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How did you spend your lockdown/pandemic time?

"I spent the pandemic recording in my home studio, writing a lot of songs and listening to probably every Bob Marley song ever made."

What did you accomplish before the entertainment world began to open up again?

"One thing I accomplished wasn't even music-related, I started saving up and got my own place closer to the city in 2021. Being independent has also improved my artistic ideas by a ton so that's dope."

What makes you different from other artists?

"What makes me different is the Hip-Hop style/sound that me and my lil bro Julio have been creating since 2017. I also make Afro-beats music, which is rare in my city. I'm Cameroonian and my cousins just kept pushing me to tap into the music that we all grew up listening to as kids, especially now that it has grown worldwide."

Last question, when not making music, where can we find you?

"You can find me working with my family with the family business."

In conclusion, Lewis "Luwidakid" Abia is a unique blend of sound, culture, and creativity. He shares his journey and lifestyle influences with us here in the Everydayclout Family, and we are glad you're here!





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