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A Look Into an Artist’s Solitude”. Up close and personal with ISO Leeko.

Everyday Clout sat down and got up close and personal with up and coming artist Iso Leeko.

Where are you from?

Born in Greensboro, NC, moved to Roanoke Virginia at the age of 11.

Do you have any hobbies or interests out of music?

On my downtime, I’ll make beats occasionally, go bowling, play basketball, video games, watch anime, and go in night rides.

What got you into music?

Music has always been a secondary part of my lifestyle. I was a clarinet player first, then a dancer, and one day started writing songs on the side for fun, then learned the art of flow, rhythm n lyricism and expanded from there. Then I started learning how to make beats in high school n since then have had a growing passion for it all.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on a completely self-written and self-produced Album. It’ll be the first that I put out everywhere. Aside from that I’ve been looking into school for different trades, slimming down my options to only a select few for rn Including mechanics, software engineering and HVAC.

Any additional information/key notes- you would like the world to know?

Since the time I first started rapping, I’ve been thru about 7 diff “stage names” trying to figure out which would stick w me. I started writing songs at age 13.

Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc)

“Shell of Myself” and “PLAYER 1” are both self written and produced singles currently out on Sound Cloud, and soon to be out everywhere.

Give us 2 quotes from yourself.

“Be original. People tend to replicate originality.”

“Grind like nobody’s behind you.”

Who would you like to work with musically?

Pierre Bourne or Lil Uzi Vert

What are your most recent news worthy mentions?

Performing at Star City Fest hosted by Star City’s own DJ Naztee Nyce two years in a row.

You can find ISO Leeko on all major platforms:

.Artist Name: ISO Leeko

.Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

.Instagram: @isoleeko

.Spotify: ISO Leeko/No Sympathy .Leeko

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