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"All I Know" by FateOne of Trust In Fate EP

Smooth rhythms, melodic vocals and a warm music production environment puts “All I Know” in a class of its own. FateOne created the vibe that will define spring and summer 2023! The melting pot of influence including Victor Manuel, Jerry Rivera, Hector La Vos. Marc Anthony, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine, Usher and John Legend is only the tip of the iceberg in which FateOne music has developed over time.

Releasing 2 videos, performed at many Showcases, perfecting his stage presence. Studying crowd reaction and learning more and more each time. Humbled by the industry of music FateOne continues to stay consistent with himself, with his own formula no one knows where the road will lead.

Faith in Ace presents Trust in Fate EP so its safe to say that New England hip hop is supporting “All I Know” by FateOne, from DJ Ace from the PUNISHER KLICK DJs! Now its time to spread the word global!

Don't hesitate to follow on social media, as FateOne has a passion for people and would love to get to know his fans on a deeper level. Upcoming shows, music releases and other information about FateOne is also posted on Facebook and Instagram so click to follow and let FateOne know what you think of “All I Know” his latest hit single!


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