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Alonzo Stewart Most Popular New Artist

1. Where are you from?

New Orleans, Louisiana 

2. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music? 

No not really Designing clothes photography 

3. What first got you into music?

Playing drums in church 

4. What’s next for you? 

New music new merch you have to be following to keep up .

5. Any additional information/key notes-

New music on the way!!!

6. Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc)

Check my page probably just dropped something today tbh

7. What does the song/album mean to you?


8. Who is your dream collab?

Michael jackson, prince, Celine Dion, lady Gaga or probably Nicki Minaj.


9. What’s the single/album about 

Just another opportunity to showcase my ability.

10. What are your most newsworthy mentions?when i was a lifeguard I saved 16 people from drowning 

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