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An Everyday Clout Discovery

Hey hey everyone, We are back with another Everyday Clout Discovery. This time we met up with a talented production team. Get ready to cook up with Chopz, Gigantic, and Just Chris. Known together as Regulators Regime Production Team.

Hello how is everyone?

Doing well, just grinding and getting to it you know.

So you’re a music production team can you introduce yourselves?

Tell us a little about everyone in a few words. Where is everyone from?

Charlie Chopz - I'm Charlie Chopz,I am

the groups founding member and one of the chairpersons of the goup, along -side the groups other chairman Gigantic Beatz and JustChris the Producer .

I am originally from the Philadelphia area, but now i reside in the Akron/Canton area of Ohio.

Just Chris The Producer - My name is Justin Johnson.I'm from Lexington, KY. Near the same area we got Jack Harlow, Bryson Tiller, and Ruby Rose from.

I started making music, a lot still on sound cloud, under the names Evil Genius Music and then I changed it to Trippyhead.

The name JustChris The Producer came to be when an old producer friend of mine suggested mixing my first and middle name together, whicvh is Christopher.

Gigantic Beatz - My name is LaAir born and raised out of Washington, DC. I first started out as a Rapper years ago.La'Air happens to be my middle name also. Now you can find me dropping beats or Djing the next hit party.

What was the inspiration behind getting into the music industry?

Charlie Chopz - Ive always been interested in music, even at an early age. I recorded my 1st song when i was just 8 years old and have been rapping, writing, or producing ever since..

Just Chris The Producer - My uncles have always been in the music industry for my whole life growing up. They learned piano to make their own beats and they also rapped as well.

What truly got me into producing music was when Skrillex created Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. The bass from Dubstep was confusing to me because I had no

idea what they were doing to make bass so melodic. I had a friend introduce me to Garageband and I started learning how to actually make dubstep. Then

another producer I used to work with at Papa Johns actually put me on to Fruity Loops studio and it was over from there. I had started making beats and music everyday.

Gigantic Beatz -Music has always been in my blood as i come from a family of musicians and artist. My godfather Gary Keyboard player for the infamous Treble funk has played in a big part of my inspiration and creativity.Along with my other professional influences such as Timberland,Missy Elliot,Pharrell,Neyo & Kanye West and much more.

How often do you guys listen to music?

Charlie Chopz - Not as much as you'd think, i try not to listen to much music because i do not want it to influence my creativity too much

Just Chris The Producer - As someone with ADHD, I listen to music as much as possible because it helps keep me from getting distracted and stay focused.

Gigantic Beatz - At least a few times a week to get keep up with latest trends. I try not be influenced by all the music I hear on the radio.So i can create a signature sound that travels for decades

What genres of music do you guys like? Which do you dislike?

Charlie Chopz - I get down with any genre really, but i mostly gravitate towards more popular music like hiphop, R&B, and pop

Just Chris The Producer - I listen to just about all genres. I would say I am not too fond of country or lots of different jazz styles.

Gigantic Beatz - Me personally Rap,R&b Hip Hop Mostly Old School But I love all genres and you learn something new from each of them. I do not dislike any all of them have a story.

Can anyone play a musical instrument? Did you play one as a child?

Charlie Chopz - I used to be able to play drums and other percussion instruments like bongos, congas, stuff like that.

Just Chris The Producer - Growing Up I started playing saxophone in 5th grade until i got to high school. That is when I picked up the guitar and enrolled into the guitar ensemble for my school. Since then, I have also learned bass guitar, piano, keyboard, trumpet, and drums.

Gigantic Beatz - I never really took up any instruments but I would love to learn keyboard and Guitar mostly.

So what’s next for you guys?

Any keynotes or additional information you would like to let us know?

In addition to being producers, we are also audio engineers and can mix and master records for artists. We also write songs, hooks and distrubte music through our various network of over 3000 industry contacts.

Charlie Chopz - We have been quietly working on putting together an installment of our Rise 2 Regin Mixtape series while we are also preparing to release JustChris's debut solo project. Other than that the mission is the same as its always been, to produce high quality music and work with talent people from all over the globe.

Just Chris The Producer - I know some of our goals is to just increase our marketing and promotion and work with more artists that are also hungry for the same motivation as us.

Gigantic Beatz -Continue to grow collectively as one unit and become a force to be reckon with in the industry.At the end of the day we just want to create great music

Does anyone sing if so how do you sound well?

How often do you sing?

Charlie Chopz - No we do not have any singers in the group, but we all have or do still dabble in rapping

Just Chris The Producer - I wish I could sing but I have been told I am tone death. lol

Gigantic Beatz -Not as much I use to be part of a concert choir my Junior and Senior year of High School not much singer for me anymore.

Where can we find you ?

Charlie Chopz - IG @charliegottachill or our production team IG @daregulators_regime

Record Label @speakyamindzent on IG

Also hear more of our Catalog at

Gigantic Beatz @beatzbygigantic on IG

Just Chris The Producer - Instagram @Justchris_the_producer_

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