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Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey— Samuel Steadyroc is a hip hop artist from Elizabeth, New Jersey, who believes in seeking inspiration from his hometown’s sounds and creating music that comes straight from the heart.

Samuel Steadyroc is an artist whose charisma and honesty reflect in the pieces he curates. He makes music that blends art, storytelling, and refreshing notes perfectly. Moreover, he has always been gifted musically.

Since childhood, he rapped, performed, and played several roles in the hip hop industry. Throughout his career, he has won over the hearts of music lovers across the globe. Having performed at several venues, his public appearances have brought him closer to his fans.

Samuel’s music is unique in a way that it appeals to a diverse audience and gives each listener something to relate to. For instance, his recent pieces, “Much Respect”, speaks of the journey of the black women who have inspired him, “No Joke (Get Busy)” connects fans to the classic hip hop culture, whereas “Street Credit” speaks of the choices one has to make.

Steadyroc has worked with the famous label “Matador Records” and has toured alongside DJ Mr.Len from legendary group Company Flow. With Samuel’s name becoming a common feature in national events, his career path appears bright and could soon lead his work to the international charts.

So, if you’re yet to explore the splendid works by Samuel Steadyroc, stream his music right away! Plus, give him a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the fun, behind-the-scenes action during his tours and live events!About:  

Inspired by great musicians like Nas and Jay Z, Samuel Steadyroc is a hip hop artist from New Jersey. With several years in the industry, performances across the nation, and fans globally, he is focussed on more live performances and eventually a feature in a film. Steadyroc’s refreshing voice and heartfelt lyrics make him a true artist and lead fans to regard his work highly.


Samuel Steadyroc



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