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[Angie B]: The New A&R in Louisville Kentucky’s Music Scene

Angie B currently serves as the President of the Kentucky chapter of the hip-hop fraternity, alongside CEO Sensei Nowa, and has recently become an A&R for Empire Music. Despite only being in the industry for two years, Angie B has made a name for herself as one of Louisville's top A&Rs/Manager. She is known for her analytical yet creative approach to discovering and nurturing new talent, which has enabled her to identify and develop some of the city's most successful acts.

Angie B's success is not limited to just new talent, as she also provides invaluable guidance and resources for established artists. She has helped market or has us worked alongside household names such as Nappy Roots, French Montana, Sauce Walka, K. Michelle, and PBE Pluto. Her extensive network of industry contacts and managers allows her to navigate the ever-changing music landscape with ease.

At the core of Angie B's success is her unwavering passion for music and her commitment to helping artists achieve their goals. She continuously seeks out innovative ways to push boundaries while remaining true to the artist's vision and sound. It is no surprise that her enthusiasm and determination have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers.

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