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Apply Moore Pressure!


Q.) Where are you from?

I’m born, and raised outta black historical section by the name of (Berrytown) in Louisville KY.

Q.) Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Lately I've developed a bigger family. I had two more kids. 2 little girls to be exact. I've been developing a passion with building memories with my kids, helping my Granny, Moma, Directing music videos, Detailing cars, Taking trips, learning, and ofcourse making new music!

Q.) Tell us what got you into music.

Growing up having to feed and take care of my entire family led me to the streets. I caught a fed case at 19 yrs old and a star was

born. All 1 had was time to write about all the money, cars, clothes and hoes I had. So I became infatuated with getting to the top.

Q.) So What’s next for you?

I have 4 new upcoming videos off my EP A.M.P. VOL2, and I will be dropping A.M.P. VOL3 next year sometime.

Q.)  Can you tell us any details on your latest project.

I dropped my EP Applying Moore Pressure Vol 2. May, 30th 2022. Since then i drop singles, DOWN, A2KY, and INTERSTATE. INTERSTATE video drops tomorrow December 2nd on my birthday!

Q.) Any dream collaborations?

Behind the Scenes A2KY Video Shoot.

Q.) What are your most newsworthy mentions?

Not really sure what this could be ... Maybe my song with "B La B" from wolfpack, A2KY video out now via YouTube.

To keep up with A.M.P. king David follow the links Below.

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