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Are You Ready to Hear Music That Will Take You On An Unforgettable Musical Journey?

YCMG Franko is an East Atlanta native who is taking the rap/hip-hop world by storm with his unique sound and impressive lyrical talent. Born in Orlando, Florida, YCMG Franko has spent over 10 years sharpening his craft—ghost writing, co-writing, and featuring on several songs and projects—to put YCMG on his back.

His latest single, Zoom, has made waves in the industry, and with the release of the Zoom Remix featuring Boosie Badazz, he’s cemented himself as an artist to watch. He recently released his acclaimed debut album, Chronicles of Franko vol. 1 (2021), and his newest mixtape, Practice (2022) is already creating a buzz.

If you’re looking for new music with a unique twist, YCMG Franko is sure to impress. Get ready to explore apace realm of music you never knew existed with YCMG Franko. His dream collaboration is none other than Jay-Z, and he continues to make newsworthy mentions such as his interview with Parle on In Da Partments and his collaboration with Boosie Badazz.

Follow YCMG Franko’s musical journey today on all his platforms, including Instagram, Spotify, and his website. Be sure to check out his latest single, UP, and stay tuned for his upcoming album and tour dates. Take your music experience to the next level with YCMG Franko.

Be sure to follow this dope artist on all platforms.

● Artist Name: YCMG Franko

● Genre: Rap/hip-hop

● Instagram: ycmgfranko

● Spotify: YCMG Franko

● Website/Other Links:

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