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Aunry Davis is Making Waves in Nashville and Beyond with his single “Old Love”

Nashville’s hip hop scene has a new and welcome addition, as Aunry Davis makes his music debut in the area with his new single, “Old Love”. In Old Love, Aunry explores concepts familiar to all of us, such as love, family, longing, and acceptance.

The piano in the song is at times melancholy, but is warmed by Aunry’s vocals. His voice carries the story with emotion, and an authenticity that’s rarely felt in today’s music. The synth waves in the background build up in perfect time to create both nostalgia and excitement. The bass works with the beat in the background creates an atmosphere of dreaminess and at times, ecstasy, worthy of the subject of love.


We asked Aunry about his inspiration for his new song. Aunry said, “[It’s about] being with something you love and it ending; wishing you could keep it alive. [It’s about] wanting to hold on to love, and start your own family because of a home I’ve never had.”

Aunry expands on this, “[It’s about] wanting to the be the best father to my children someday. Wanting more knowledge and better understanding for my kids to help them grow and understand their needs. Wanting to love someone who truly wants to love me.”

The emotions and ideas that inspired Old Love are apparent as you listen. The lyrics dance around these concepts, but it’s Aunry’s vocal performance on this track drives the point to the heart with emotional weight. You almost feel like you get a glimpse of some of his memories flashing by as you listen, or maybe some of your own. It hits a spot that’s familiar, while also almost catching you off guard.

When asked where he draws inspiration from his work, Aunry answered, “A lot of time it’s my family, they help push me forward for the betterment of us.” Aunry continued, “it’s also my fans and supporters that comment, and like my posts. They really tell me what’s up so I can grow my craft and business. Thank you!”

  Being an artist is not without it’s challenges though, which is revealed as Aunry expounds, “I get down on myself easily and hard so I have to get myself up and motivated, or I feel lazy and unaccomplished.”


  When asked about his inspirations, Aunry also went on to say, “It’s also creatives that have been in the business a while already that tell me not to stop because I have something going.”

  It’s clear Aunry has pride and passion for his work. We asked him what drove him to begin creating in the first place. “I love making people smile and seeing them enjoy themselves. I love to uplift people positively in any situation, or help them see from a positive standpoint.”


  Aunry expanded, “I’ve traveled a lot and experienced a lot within life and love to help people, and the youth grow at their own pace and from a perspective they understand. I love to speak truth and experience to this upcoming generation so they can understand from our perspective.”

His philosophy is tangible in his music, and many fans in Nashville and the world look forward to what Aunry does next.

follow Aunry on his journey @aunrydavis on social media

Article written by: @fat_paulie_

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