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"B Sav's Latest Single 'Mop Sticks' Set to Release FEB 10th!"

Local Cincinnati hip-hop artist, B Sav, is set to release his new single "Mop Sticks" on February 10th. This will be a new single is a follow up to his 2022 single look for me".

The single focuses on various elements of his hometown of Cincinnati, including his upbringing and the disparities between the different socioeconomic classes. It is an ode to the city and its unique culture, and sound.

Produced by slick Bezel, “Mop Sticks” is a hard hitting track with infectious bass lines, drum breaks, and well placed samples. The production further highlights B Sav’s lyrical prowess, as he delivers rapid verses that are both potent and thoughtful.

"Mop Sticks" will be available for streaming and download on February 10th across all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp. B Sav's upcoming project is sure to be an instant classic and will make waves in the local hip-hop scene. Keep your eyes and ears open for more music from B Sav.

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