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Be on the lookout for Broward County's very own star Trippy Juice.

Trippy Juice has been working very hard for the beginning of the year. Following up his single “Black Forces” which he debut in late 2022 with visuals along with a artist spotlight segment that just dropped January 2023. He is also scheduling another single and video release titled “Asian Flow “ that will be debuting in March 2023. Trippy Juice was just a special guest on "Minds Wide Open" latest podcast which has just aired February 2023. He is working on his role for the upcoming film , "One Mic" from director Corley White that will be released later this year. He has been working hard not only on music but his Broward Legends clothing brand, which he wore on his special guest appearance of Trick Daddy’s cooking show “Bitch I Got my Pots” Episode 30. All In all Trippy Juice has been working hard behind the scenes to bring the best content forward for the rest of the year, so be on the lookout for the Broward county native!



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