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"Behind the Turntables: Exclusive Insights and Thoughts from DJ A1"

DJ A1 is a rising star in the music industry who has been making waves since 2015. His early influences were the fast-paced music of Detroit, which he heard on the radio. He was also inspired by his father (DJ Kid Fresh), DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Fresh, and his peers like DJ6ix, DJ Priddy, DJ Legit, DJ 2 Official, and many of his brothers in Coalition DJ's.

According to DJ A1, there are three skills that DJs need to be successful: an ear for music, risk management, and business sense. He believes that DJs should not only play the current hits but should also take risks in the booth. Moreover, they should know the right songs to play and when to play them. Finally, business skills are crucial for DJs to negotiate better deals and fight for themselves.

DJ A1 stays up to date with the latest music trends by analyzing music charts, following social media, and focusing on music that he likes. He also gets a lot of independent music from Coalition DJ's, which he uses to create his own trends. He is more of a trendsetter than a follower of trends.

One of the techniques that DJ A1 uses to engage the audience is using creative sample tags in his mixes. He also engages with the crowd on the microphone and sometimes lets the music speak for itself.

The most rewarding part of being a DJ for DJ A1 is when he has the crowd in his hands and he makes them have a good time on his terms. He loves to play slow jams at the end of the night and sing with the ladies. He enjoys looking at stories on social media the next morning and seeing the ladies singing to the vibes he brought.

When preparing for a set, DJ A1 usually likes to stick to certain artists to open up because they set the tone for what he wants to do. He often starts with Chris Brown's music since he has so many songs to choose from, and his music works in different venues.

DJ A1 decides to play a particular record during one of his sets based on whether it's a good song or not. He also tries to mix new music in with the music that people recognize to break new records. If an artist has a business relationship with him, he makes sure that they get heard.

During the lockdown/pandemic, DJ A1 practiced until he got tired of practicing. Unfortunately, Instagram and Facebook blocked him from doing live sets, so he was unable to showcase his skills on those platforms. Nevertheless, he noticed his improvement when he was able to do live events again.

What makes DJ A1 different from other DJs is his music selection and the way he puts sets together on the fly. He doesn't plan out his sets in advance but goes on instinct and what the crowd wants to hear. He also lives spontaneously and makes plans for the day if he doesn't already have them.

In conclusion, DJ A1 is an emerging talent in the music industry who has a unique style and approach to DJing. He has a passion for music, a good sense of risk management, and business skills that are essential for success. He engages with the crowd and carefully selects the right music to create a memorable experience for his audience.


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