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[Bovtiqve Fashion Week] Takes a Musical Turn: Javoe RÔKOUR and Sensei Nowa Bring Music to the Runway

Edited by;Mase Orlando,

February 28 | 2:00 PM East.

Industry Music Marketer JAVOE RÔKOUR

The recent merger between the music marketer Javoe RÔKOUR and rapper Sensei Nowa to become the directors of the music division of Bovtiqve Fashion Week is a game-changing move for the fashion industry. The merger bridges the gap between fashion and music, creating a unique atmosphere that can help elevate the Bovtiqve brand.

Industry Rapper SENSIE NOWA

This merger allows Bovtiqve to bring together two of the most popular entertainment industries in one space, creating an even more exciting atmosphere for their fashion week. With the help of Javoe and Sensei, Bovtiqve can now bring the best of both worlds to their shows, offering something for everyone. This merger opens up the potential for more collaborations between fashion designers and musicians, allowing them to come together and create something truly special.

BVFW, Las Vegas, February, 2022

The merger between Javoe and Sensei shows that Bovtiqve is serious about staying ahead of the competition. By having two of the biggest names in the music industry directing their music division, Bovtiqve can be sure that their fashion week will be the best of the best. This merger is sure to bring the fashion industry to a new level and will help Bovtiqve stay at the top of their game


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