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Broward County’s Emerging Artist Zayman Drops Visuals for Single “Whole Lot”

Zayman, an independent artist hot on the scene, describes himself as a “trapping poet.” Well deserved when you hear his

influential new single, WHOLE LOT. His energetic beats and rhythmic flows set his metrics above other artists. A native from Hollywood, Florida, Zayman fell in love with music at the age of eight when he began playing the saxophone.

Raised in the life of the streets forced him to become a hustler. He did not want that lifestyle to define him. Zayman’s ideologies, music, and culture goes significantly deeper than just rap music. In 2014, he developed and launched his own brand and label called Kushgang Entertainment.

Zayman continues to grow as an artist and a self-made entrepreneur to continue to spread his artistic perspective and creations. He states that Studio Life is his love, and Kush is his love affair. You can check out Zayman’s music on Spotify, Tidal, and iTunes, as well as merchandise for Kushgang Entertainment on

He took a break from the rap scene to hop into the gaming scene and push his brand further. Fans was asking for music so he dropped his first single and video in a year and a half and got  a Whole Lot of views in the first week on YouTube.



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