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Broward County’s rising artist Zayman drops his first EP of the year

Zayman, an independent artist from Broward County, launches his first EP of the year titled Kush Gang Mafia.

The poet of the trap gives us 5 new titles this time plus his single "Whole Lot" included in the package that just hit a million views on YouTube.

The new Ep is set up for success, but Zayman says he’s no where close to finished and is still in the lab working every night.

Zayman continues to grow as a self-taught artist and entrepreneur to continue sharing his artistic perspective and creations.

Kush Gang is the label Zayman created back in 2014 but the “Mafia” was added when he started his gaming venture 1 year ago in the server he owns called “Kush World RP”

That tape was made to fuse both worlds. “ I spend a lot of time here and in the meta verse promoting my brand” says Zayman.

There is a lot of catchy hooks and good distinctive beats created by producers known as Lil Chriiz , Steery Beats and Rocky on the Track go check it out and stay tuned to see what Zayman has coming next…

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