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"Come Rock with J Da Prophet ". Edited by Alexis, Mandakis

We had the pleasure of venturing out and we came across this talented upcoming Virginia native artist Jonathan,Chambers known as the upcoming independent artist JayDaProphet.

The independent artist started Till The Death of Me Records LLC in 2013. With the help of Romero Dunn (producer/co-owner) and Aron Jackson (artist/co-owner) have taken strides to develop their sound and produce quality music.

Jay DA Prophets love for music has been around since he was a child listening to the classics, so music has always been in his veins. 2pac was an inspiration for trying to rap. Then Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” came out. At this time, he was around 14 or 15 years oldsitting in the classroom and his cousin was making that beat on his desk, so he goes to say to himself" let me try this out' and to his amazement he was pretty good, something like a natural. "But enough of that, now I would like to bring you into my world of lyricism that will captivate the minds of the masses."

SoJay DA Prophet Where Are You From?

I’m from Buckingham, VA.

Outside of music do you have any interests or hobbies outside of music?

I like playing basketball, and coming up with ideas for different businesses.

What first got you into music?

My family is musically inclined. So I always listened to music. I love the art of words being put together to paint a story. Listening to the pain and the joy of songs fascinated me. My bio explains what made me want to try it.

So What's next for you ?

My goal is to capture a true fan base to take on this journey with me. Then we will just have to see after that.

Is there any additional information/ key notes you'd like to share?

Here at Till The Death of Me Records we’re not about that nonsense and hoopla you hear everywhere nowadays. We’re here to call our flocks and shepherd them to greener pastures.

Can you tell us about your latest project/single ?

The latest single I’m about to drop is called, “If it all falls apart” of course by J DA Prophet x produced by HoyleHandz. The single tells a story if things get hard, if it’s with your loved one or in life. If things fall apart are you stronger to fight back or just give up. It’s off of my project that will be coming out soon entitled All I Can Give. Just stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

Give us two quotes from yourself

“Discipline Breeds Legends”

“Lessons are learned during the journey not at the destination”

If you could choose who would be your dream collaboration be with?

My dream collab would be Jay-Z. I would work with anyone if we’re moving in the same direction mentally.

Do you have any newsworthy mentions?

I haven’t made it there yet, when I do. I’ll double back and let you know.

You can follow Jay DA Prophet

Jonathan Chambers (@jdaprophet_1983) • Instagram photos and videos

(97)jdaprophet1983 (@jdaprophet1983) | TikTok

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