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EDC is "In N' Out The Booth!" With Jeff ''Yung-Hd" Childress

Artist: Yung Hd @yunghd_tuod

Author/Editor: Corey M @thesagecorey

In the Hip-Hop Industry, it’s not uncommon to hear about Artists who have made it big with the help of a Record Label or a team of professionals to guide them. But for Yung-Hd, it’s been all about staying true to his craft and remaining independent.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Jeff "Yung-Hd" Childress grew up around the Music Industry, thanks to his father’s Record Label. He developed a love for creating music and eventually Jeff "Yung-Hd" Childress founded "Twist Up Entertainment" in 2011. Yung-Hd founded his company with producer Joshua "A1" Owens. Since then, they have developed a strong and loyal fan base that has allowed them to headline their own shows and open for some of the biggest names in The Industry.

Yung-Hd HD’s Debut Album - “Bars From Mars” was released in 2018.Since then, he has released over 30 singles, two albums, and a few collaboration projects. His dedication to staying consistent has paid off, with over 2 million total streams and a growing fan base.

But Yung-Hd isn’t just focused on his own music. He has also opened recording studios in Alabama and Georgia, with plans to have a studio in every city he frequently visits to make professional recording more affordable for artists around the USA.

Yung-Hd’s latest Single, “Ups & Downs,” is a testament to his determination to keep pushing forward despite life’s challenges. The song speaks about his plans to go on tour this summer and release an album this year, all while continuing to release new music monthly for his dedicated fans. Yung-Hd already has an unprecedented grasp on what the Artists of the future will look like.

As an Indie Artist, Yung-Hd does everything himself, from recording and mixing to mastering his own music. Jeff "Yung-Hd" Childress recorded the first project from major recording artist Kobe "NoCap" Crawford Jr. in his own living room. With a strong work ethic and a passion for music, Yung-Hd is proof that success is possible for those who stay true to their craft and remain dedicated to their goals.

In his own words, Yung-Hd says, "I ain’t gotta say shit to make it understood!" and "If you go to sleep broke, you gone wake up the same way!"

His dream collaboration is with Curren$y, but regardless of who he works with in the future, Yung-Hd’s commitment to staying independent and true to himself will undoubtedly continue to drive his success in the Industry.

In conclusion, Yung-Hd's work ethic and dedication to his craft have allowed him to remain successful as an Independent Artist. With his cultivated, loyal fan base and plans to make recording more affordable for Artists around the USA, Yung-Hd is sure to continue to make a name for himself in the hip-hop industry for years to come. Everydayclout is proud to feature such an artist who has a total grasp on the wide range of undertakings required of an Artist in the future of the Industry. Yung-Hd is an artist, creative, and positive human being that everyone needs to keep up on!

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"Over 3 million views on WorldStarHipHop"

Thanks for reading! See the News Stories & Yung-Hd's Newest Singles on Spotify below!

Artist Name: Yung Hd

Genre: Rap, R&B, Soul

Instagram: @yunghd_tuod

Website/Other Links:

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