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Entering Into A Harmonic Vision With Mahatma Star-seed

Artist Name: Mahatma Star-seed

Genre: Spiritual/Sound Bath Meditation

Q.) Any new projects?

“Yes, EM Healing podcast"

Q.) What’s your biggest accomplishment.

"One of my biggest accomplishments is when I finally decided to step into my most authentic 'cellf'. About 8 or 9 years ago, I begin scalping my habits and transforming how I show up in my life. Breaking into 'cellf' care at levels most consider only for the luxury but utilizing it to enhance my integrity to life and others. Over the past several years I have taken the measures to add deeper cognitive thinking methods to neutralize my reaction to the wave of emotions presented to me on a daily basis. I am now able to understand the patterns of life. The refined importance of innerstanding our mechanically functions and how others can sway our functions depending upon their conscious abilities and our awareness. Some much different areas of interest now became apart of my everyday, yoga, physical fitness, faith studies, quantum being, divine truth and some much more. I took all of this knowledge and created a process to assist others to obtain the ability to gain their own clarity and Steadiness for life."

Q.) What got you into music?

"I was just starting to get into tuning and frequency. Then 2019 when I suffered a head injury and needed to smooth my brain so I started playing sound healing instruments on a regular ever since."

Q.)What is your creative process like?

"With a group of people or alone, I record in my room or typically go out in the woods or by the water and create sound from there. An intention is set to heal a certain part of 'yourcellf' or your story and to go with the flow."

Q.) Any newsworthy mentions?

"I have had an article posted on Swagher Magazine, Guest appeared on several Podcasts, Facebook Lives and In person Speaking events. I have also hosted and created several different Youtube Shows."

Q.)Who is your favorite artist?

"My favorite Sound Healing Artist and one of my inspiration is Healing Vibrations."

Q.)What are your Future goals?

"I would like to create more ways to do sound healing on groups."

Q.) Explain your style of music.

"Sound Healing, Smoothing Sounds, ASMR VIBES"

Q.) last question how can we follow you?

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