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Everyday Clout Recap Marlo Badass

Marlo Badass is back with an update on his most recent show.

Hello, how are you today?

Hey, I’m doing excellent today can’t do no complaints.

What new things happened since we last spoke to you?

I just had a show a couple of days ago in Fredericksburg, Virginia the first time in 5 years. I have my merch store getting put together and will be opening real soon.

How was your experience?

The show was awesome great energy and everybody performed well. I and Crash The Bandit performed some songs “3Six” and “TV” from our collab tape Hood Rat Shit With My Friends for the very first time.

Are there any more upcoming shows?

Hopefully, soon I’m looking for more shows to perform at local or whatever I’m ready to turn up with the crowd and fans again


Are any new songs, or albums on the way?

There are plenty of new and unreleased songs I got on the way and a new tape too.

We appreciate Marlo Badass for pulling back up to stay updated on his movement. You can follow him on all platforms below.

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