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EveryDayClout: Interview with QBIZZ

Q.) Where are you from?

Lexington, Kentucky

Q.) Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Going to my Son’s basketball games.

Q.) What first got you into music?

Listening to my Uncle play the piano and sing.

Q.) What’s next for you?

Linking up with Boosie.

Q BIZZ ALBUM " Weight On My Back"

Q.) Tell us about your latest project.

I recently released an album Welcome To Kentucky that was featured on the documentary Welcome To Kentucky, featuring some of the hottest artists in Lexington and Louisville. My debut album titled Weight On My Back, is soon to drop anywhere from December through the first of the year, with features on it with major artists like, Sauce Walka, Peso Peso and Parlae from Dem Franchise Boyz.

Q.) What about dream collaborations?

Q.) What is your biggest accomplishment musically?

My song Welcome To Kentucky being used in a Slave documentary that will be soon aired on Netflix so stay tuned!

Q.) Last question, where can we follow you?

To keep up with Q BIZZ tap the links.

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