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EverydayClout interview with SMG Sosa

Q.) Where are you from?

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky westend born and raised.

Q.) What’s next for you?

I’m working on a joint project with King Bandit and I’m working on a new solo project called “Tenblock Survivor” we’re dropping a Video called “It’s up” December the 23rd..

I’m interested in building my own Record Label called “Street Music Group” I wanna help put other artist old or young in position to be heard.. people that can’t afford things like studio time Ect. I wanna help them.. I know how it is..

Q.) What first got you into music?

I started making music 6 years ago.. I’ve been writing music all of my life.. it’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight! I used to always get in trouble and me and my mom never really had a good relation when I was growing up and I didn’t have nobody that would listen and understand, so I vented by writing songs and expressing myself thru music..


Q.) What about dream collaborations?

I Dont really have a dream collab I don’t really like to force songs I want it to happen natural so I know it’s authentic & real.. if I had to pick it would be Bryson tiller we went to school together but I was not focused on music then he was a cool dude.. trapsoul one of ones..

Q.) What are your most newsworthy mentions?

I’ve been nominated 2 years in a row for the Kentucky Awards. I have over 14k views on my video “Beat up” I believe im part of that Louisville sound that new Louisville 502 Wave..

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