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EverydayClout's First Look at Long Way Home!

Today we're excited to introduce you to Upstate New York band "Long Way Home". We had the chance to sit down with each band member and get to know them a little better. Raymond Leet, the 32-year-old guitarist from Endicott, New York spends his time writing music and raising his three children. Steak, the 30-year-old unclean vocalist from Binghamton, New York who spends all of his time absorbing music, whether hearing it or making it. Dakota, the 28-year-old bassist from Windsor, New York is the newest member of the band and has found his place with music. Adam, the 25-year-old drummer from Windsor, New York draws inspiration from many sources to bring a unique energy to the music. Denny, the 28-year-old clean vocalist from Endicott, NY, is into all sorts of music and also enjoys golfing when he's not playing music. And let's not forget Jaden, the talented guitarist with a love for pushing modern limits, who's fully committed to communication through sound itself. Together, they create a sound that is both unique and captivating, with influences ranging from Counterparts to Kendrick Lamar. With a passion for music and a never-ending drive to succeed, Long Way Home is definitely a band to watch out for.

Raymond Leet: 32 years old from Endicott, New York I play guitar for Long Way Home and spend my time writing music and raising my three children. My musical influences are Counterparts, Blink-182, and Kublai Khan. My future plans are Currently writing and Finishing up our first album.

Steak 30 years old from Binghamton, New York I am the unclean vocalist. I spend my time singing, writing, and generally enjoying music. My musical influences are Dance Gavin Dance, Of mice and Men, and Kendrick Lamar. I’m very proud of the music video we released last year, and am also currently finishing up the album.

Dakota 28 years young from Windsor, New York I am the newest member and bassist of Long Way Home. Music is my safe place. Generally, I prefer virtuosic guitar players such as Jon Gomm, Tommy Emmanuel, and John Butler but you can usually find me listening to chill folk pop when I’m vibing on my way to practice or on my way home.

Adam 25 from Windsor, New York I play drums for Long Way Home. I draw inspiration from many sources to try to bring a unique energy to the music. Some of my main influences include The Cure, Animals as Leaders, and King Crimson.

Denny 28 from Endicott, NY I am the clean vocalist for Long Way Home. I’m into all sorts of music from pop/punk to country! Some of my influences are Tyler Childs, Movements, and State Champs. When I’m not playing music between my two projects I enjoy to golf!

What's up! I'm Jaden, I play guitar for long Way Home. My musical inspirations are Ozzy, A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside. I come from an older musical background but I love pushing modern limits. I'm currently playing in two bands and am fully committed to communication through sound itself. I love meeting people and having conversations about life. Hope to see YOU soon. Jaden out!

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