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"Exotic Vapes: Rare Smokings Products and International Snacks in Frankfort, KY”

Exotic Vapes, located in Frankfort, Kentucky, is not your average smoke shop. Founded by Cory Fine, this store specializes in carrying exotic smoking products and offers a more modern and unique experience compared to traditional vape and tobacco shops. Their prices are also unbeatable, guaranteed to be the best in town.

Dj Johnny Rock and Cory At Grand Opening

But Exotic Vapes doesn't just stop at smoking products. They also offer a variety of exotic drinks and snacks from around the world, including popular items like Rap Snacks, Exotic Pop, and even Exotic Oreo and Dorito flavors.

What sets Exotic Vapes apart from other smoke shops is their commitment to carrying the most rare and hard-to-find smoke products in the game. From exclusive disposable vapes to rare Backwoods and wraps, customers can expect to find products that aren't available on the East Coast.

Overall, Exotic Vapes is a one-of-a-kind store that offers a unique experience for customers looking for something more than just the basics.

Be sure to check out their Social Media for updates on their latest products and specials.


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