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Fire music&more from West Baltimore Maryland Artist Mosherst Cash Edited Alexis,Mandakis

Mosherst Cash, an all around artist from West Baltimore, Md. Growing up in the rough streets of West Baltimore, Mosherst cash had a passion for music at young age, and interestingly turned the pain and traumas from his neighborhood into art. Weather it was drawing, painting, or music. Mosherst cash is an extremely talented artist with so much more to give. You can check out his music on all streaming platforms, along with amazing visuals on Youtube. Look out for his new Project titled,"6acc To Da 6asics".

We were able to chop it up with this talented artist let's get to know Mosherst Cash.

So where are you from?

West Baltimore Maryland

Outside of music what are your interests or hobbies ?

A lot of entrepreneurial interests. I already owned a couple of businesses with plenty more to go. I also have a passion for dogs and own a dog kennel. N which we breed show and train American Pit-bull terriers.

What first got you into music?

I guess growing up in the culture got me into to music. As a kid I used to get karaoke machines and record my own music.

So what's next for you ?

What’s next for me is the world. I want spread my knowledge music and business all over the world while meeting new people and just enjoying what I do.

So tell us about your latest project/singles(release dates, title, tours, etc)

Mixtape recently release on all major platforms. Titled: bacc to da basics. Also just released two music videos (lifted) and (official) with single releases coming soon. YouTube Mosherst cash. Plenty more projects coming soon along with steel grippers Merch!

What two quotes best describe who you are ?

Everything happens for a reason.

Treat every situation like a test.

If you could choose who would your dream collab be with?

My dream collab is Kodak. I know that would b a crazy song

You can find more about this Baltimore artist

Mosherst Cash on all streaming platforms.

Ig: 1600_msc_cash

YouTube: Mosherst cash

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