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Fkid Ellie signs to Organic Music Distro

Timothy ‘Fkid Ellie’ Iliya is a African Song writer & Rapper from Nigeria creating the new sound in Afrobeat / Soul & POP. Fkid Ellie was born May 1st, 1997 In Edo State Benin city, to the family of Mr/Mrs Iliya Mallam. Fkid Ellie started his professional career at 18 when he dropped his first project entitled ‘Atappa’ between 2015-2016 on all streaming sites. Followed by his next singles ‘Hallelujah/Faiza,’ ‘The glory,’ ‘Is our time’ and ‘For me.’ Always staying ahead of the curve Fkid Ellie makes music that people fall in love with that uplifts the soul. In 2022 Fkid Ellie was the first artist signed to Organic Music Distro an American music distribution company. Fkid Ellie is currently creating new music and performing shows for his fans, he is thankful for the journey his talent is allowing him to live.

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