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Free Artist Academy By Javoe Rôkour

The music marketing world is a confusing, daunting place for any artist. There are so many things you need to know and do if you want your songs to be heard by as many people as possible; but where do we start? How can one navigate such an overwhelming landscape of information without being overwhelmed themselves or giving up before they even get started?! Meet Javoe Rôkour, music marketing professional whose mission in life has led him down a path towards success; helping independent musicians make connections through social media while also teaching major label artists how to utilize branding techniques that will help them stand apart from the crowd, allowing for more exposure.

Javoe has been in the music industry for over eight years earning his place by creatively solving problems for his clients and the artists he works with. He has worked closely with Dallas drill rapper Asian Doll, Billboard Charting singer Layton Greene as well as many independent and major labels. Working on large marketing campaigns for Organic Music Marketing, Javoe developed an advanced understanding of how major marketing campaigns are done. Javoe decided to share this knowledge and created the ‘Rôkourding Academy’, a vast educational resource and supportive community for artists, producers and digital creators.

The Rôkourding Academy provides up to date music industry information covering revenue collection, licensing, sync placements and marketing strategies to utilize throughout the year. Javoe is currently on an artist development tour where he is renting out studios and venues to meet with groups of independent artists and producers to help consult them on their careers.

We asked Javoe for a closing remark, to which he said “I’m willing to work side by side with members of my academy as well as clients to achieve their maximum potential. My goal is to captivate and inspire everyone I work with by setting an example. I understand that resilience and creativity are needed to stand out and I’m prepared to go the distance with the ones that are willing to go the distance with me.”

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