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From Dirt 2 Diamonds.

What's good everybody, We stopped in St Louis to catch up with up and coming artist elshaaddi.

Where are you from?

North side 4400block Cote Brilliant Ave. St. Louis, MO

Saponi-Cherokee and many other tribes.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I am a historian researching is apart of my life. The main that I do is being a father to my 8 year old daughter. Drawing, sports, educating the youth on the game itself.

What first got you into music?

My first live started young. I grew up on old school music such as Tupac Biggie Michael Jackson Prince Al Green etc. It was singing for me. Then my voice changed as I gotten older. So I switch my flow and style up.

What’s next for you?

Major focus is building the super fan base that’s needed to be successful

Any additional information/key notes-

I do more than just music. I am a Chief of The Indigenous Glass family.

Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc)

My latest song is Get Low released date 27. Give us 2 quotes from yourself.

Only Thing Constant is Change

They Key to life is knowing self .

Who is your dream collab?

Lil Wayne 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa. The main 2 are dead now M. Jackson and Prince.

What are your most newsworthy mentions?

I am actually cool with PRE Grovehero. I give to him to help rebuild the youth out there in Memphis. I am the one that the world has been waiting on to bring that 90’s & 00’s era back.

Be sure to catch up with elshaaddi on all platforms.

● Artist Name: El Shaaddi

● Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap/Soul/R&B/Pop ● Instagram: @elshaaddi

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