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"From Hip Hop Fraternity President to Change Champion: The Story of Jame C B Gray"

Jame C.B. Gray is a well-known figure in the hip hop industry. He has co managed artists such as JINX ta Juvi along side DR. Phillip Jordan and worked as management for Russell Simmons' label RSMG. In addition to his music career, Gray has also made strides in television production, becoming the youngest black producer to produce a show on NBC in 2012.


Unfortunately, Gray has also experienced police brutality and sued the NYPD in 2013. This experience led him to become the Vice President of the National action network Bronx NY chapter under the leadership of the Honorable reverend Al Sharpton in 2014.

Gray's activism continued as he became the cofounder and Vice President of the Strong Enough Achievers Foundation, a faith-based organization that focuses on community, social, and civil rights activism. He also worked closely with Pimpin Ken before Pimpin Ken founded the Hip Hop Fraternity.

In 2022, Gray became the Vice President of the New York chapter of the HIP-HOP Fraternity before ultimately being named the President and National spokesperson in 2023. Gray's accomplishments in both the music industry and activism demonstrate his dedication to making a positive impact in his community.

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