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From Surviving to Thriving; Independent Artist PSYKE$ Tells His Story!

Artist: PSYKE$

Genre: HipHop, Alt HipHop, Dark Rap

Osiris Spargo Montgomery A.K.A PSYKE$, is an Independent Hip Hop artist born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska who strives to express himself in every project he releases. Some people grow up with unfortunate circumstances, and he was no exception to that fact. Through all the trials and tribulations he strives at continuing to better himself and overcome all that life throws at him. He makes music which reflects on the darker side of life, the happy, the energetic, and the crazy in hopes of helping others express themselves through his music and that they might relate.

Where are you from?

My name is PSYKE$ (sigh-kes) I'm from Omaha Nebraska but I've lived all over.

Besides music, do you have any hobbies or interests?

Outside of music I enjoy archery, long drives with friends and nature walks.

What first got you into music?

I first got into music writing raps while incarcerated in a maximum secure facility for juveniles in Detroit when i was finally sent home in 2016  my older brother Drama the Artist convinced me to keep writing and perfecting my talent.

Whats next for you?

What's next for me? i got alot of plans for music this year including a 4 state tour Im trying to get set up for 2023. But im also a firm believer in letting the work talk. im manifesting success this year for sure.

Are there any other key notes or information about you we should know?

I'm a huge supporter of mental health awareness as well as i myself suffer from schitzoaffective disorder. My stage name "PSYKE$" is derived from psykes which is one of the voices I hear. its my way of putting that force into something productive and expressive. Sort of like flipping a negative into a positive.

What are your latest projects/singles?

My latest project is a single titled "666" its available on all platforms. It's darker and full of heavy hitting bars. Definitely on the demonic side of music for sure but also a major rager for when you just wanna let yourself turn up. I'm working on getting a line up of shows ready so be sure to check out my Socials for  updates.

Name two quotes that inspire you!

As an artist you"ll always get more love shown out of state then back home.

Stay solid never fold or surrender cause thats what makes a heart of gold and a strength unmatched.

Who is your dream collab?

It's hard to say who my dream collab would be I have so many I appreciate in HipHop. But  I truly think either $crim from the duo $uicideboy$ or Denzel Curry would be major collabs that would be awesome!

Keep Up With PSYKE$ Here!

Instagram: psykes2crazy 

Spotify & All Other Platforms: PSYKE$

Facebook: Psyke$

Author: Corey M @thesagecorey

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