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Genesis Baaby wins 24K MIXTAPE showcase

Genesis Baaby is a singer / song-writer. He can also rap but prefers singing. He credits his father & mother. As a child he would wake to his father playing the guitar & his mother would be playing the piano. He started writing at 9yrs. old. His father passed two yrs ago (Nov 8 2020). He wrote & dedicated to his father a song titled “Nov 8th” (out on all platforms). His soulful crooning and soothing guitar strumming is reminiscent of his musical influences.

He recently had just came back from Atlanta. He performed at Glowbar opening up for PBE Pluto. Genesis team is proud of him for winning the 24kmixtape showcase! His hard work and dedication has really paid off. They know how much time and effort he put into this, so they hope he enjoys this well-deserved victory! !

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