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Getting to know U-Sity ❗️❗️

U-Sity was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Minnesota. Although his hobbies include writing poetry and playing piano, he’s seen MC Hammer perform his single “U Can’t Touch This,” as well as Michael Jackson. This has inspired him to be in front of the television just like them.

What's next for U-Sity?

As far as releasing new music, I'm currently working on an EP that will have all new music on it. Release date is to be determined.

Tell us about your latest release.

"I released my latest single “Stop it” in October of 2022. It is an uptempo song that I released to start out momentum toward the EP. Stop it is out on all streaming platforms."

Give us two quotes from yourself

“I went to church, but when the first came, you would’ve swore I knew the devil by his first name.” 

“Less classrooms then there are cells here knocking down schools just to build jails here.”

Who is your dream collab?

"My dream collab would be with Young Jeezy."

What are your most newsworthy mentions or accolades that you are proud most about?

Being a black CEO of Hit That Block Studios or HTB for short. HTB is the 20th studio built in a 10 year run, #hollywood to #mn, #blackexcellece, #blackbusinessesmatter. Working with my producer Modezartonthebeat 

I would also like to shout out Cruzer3x all love.




Spotify : U-Sity

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