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[HHF, KY] partners with JAVOE RÔKOUR

JAVOE RÔKOUR, an experienced music marketer, recently announced a partnership with the HipHop Fraternity, serving as the Advisor to the Kentucky Chapter. Together JAVOE and UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP A&R Apprentice / Chapter CEO Sensei Nowa have come together offering label services to independent artists in the Kentucky / Tristate region. With There help, independent artsts can get the same label services and benefits as those signed to major labels.

JAVOE currently works with Legendary Female rapper DA BRAT, adding to a long list to accolades by way of Organic Music Marketing. They have worked with numerous independent artists and have helped them boost their careers and break into the music industry. JAVOE has also worked with many of the artists currently occupying the top 40 on the Billboard charts. With their expertise and connections, JAVOE has been able to provide the right resources and advice to help their clients reach the highest levels of success.

JAVOE RÔKOUR is the perfect partner for independent artists and his partnership with the HipHop Fraternity is sure to benefit both parties. JAVOE has the experience and knowledge to help independent artists reach lable thresholds and Sensei has Universal to open up new opportunities for their clients. This is an exciting partnership and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for JAVOE RÔKOUR, SENSEI NOWA and the HipHop Fraternity, KY.

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