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Hello my name is Elizabeth Zahabi aka Queenie Golden Co-Owner/President of Golden Rozee Entertainment.


I’m 46 years young and originally from Kansas City, Mo

Music has played a huge part of my life, I started young singing with my sister, Like most artist music its an escape.

Gospel became a passion of mine, so of course the next step was choir.

My first real performance was at sand stone in Kansas City, mo in front of about 5,000 people before Donny & Marie Osmond when I was 8 years old.

I traveled to Cali with my father and  met some of the greats like Whitney Houston, 2 PAC, Boys 2 men etc…while starting some work with Mo-town @ age 11

By 16 I was on my own, my brother in law was Kenny Burkett the original drummer of Puddle of Mudd. I found myself traveling with the band and Tech9. I love the stage but I loved the behind the scenes more.

This is where my Tech side developed, I learned how to record mix and master, played with beats while learned contracts. Soon after I started falling in love with photography.

In the same breath Had the privilege of helping bands and assist with lyrics.

I traveled with bands for two years, played all over the place my favorite being Americas Pub in west port. After the band signed with Fred Durst I fell away from music due to health reasons and moved to Kentucky.

When I had got to my lowest point my son Jarred Zahabi aka ApolloZ was noticed by Devine Carama @ school. I never thought he would be the child to be known for music. It touched me when he told strange music in an interview that he started singing just so he could hear his mom sing again. That motivated me to start writing and doing features with him. Shortly after we performed at some rallies, made it on the news hosted Innercity pageant and more.

When it came down to the protest a few years ago, Apollo was one of the leaders in Lexington. He had brought me to the protest to be interviewed by the news and speak at the rally, and at that moment our lives are changed forever. I have started to meet so many talented young people, and at that moment, my son wanted to step up from owning a studio to creating Music label that was all about fairness to artists so we open golden Rozee entertainment.

it has been less than a year and we have six artist signed to management, we’ve gained over 20,000 new followers and have performed all over the world.

Over time my technological side has grown. perfecting, recording mixing and mastering setting up shows managing shows, Event planning and always having my foot to the ground for the next big move.

As for now I’ve been a feature artist, and we’re about  to push two singles this fall..

I have a few things in the work, even though I do prefer to put my artist first.

I want the world to hear your voice speak,sing, rap your truth, find your voice and I’ll be there to make sure that they see your worth. I’m from the show me state you have to show me and make me a believer. This life isn’t for everybody but it’s what I was born to do.

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