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Q.) Where are you from?


Q.) Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I like to hang out with my circle it isn't too big but they my family

Q.) What first got you into music?

I've always loved music since i was a baby, it's always been a heavy influence in my immediate family my dad had gotten my interest in music when he would play prince and earth wind and fire and michael jackson and my brother who's nine years older than me started getting me into rap he freestyled for me one time and it's been up from there.

Q.) So what’s next for you?

I'm dropping an album at the end of november it's a genre jump for me but i think it's my lane for real t's more of a 90s-00s rock feel it's timeless then i plan on integrating my rock music with my rap music and trying to start a new wave.

Q.) Tell us about your latest project.

The last album i released was in april Bxby Drxko pt. II it was sort of my first jump into a more melodic sound and then To Whom It May Xoncern my latest single for my album with the same name is my first real alt pop rock type of song and i put a lot of emotion and time into it not necessarily recording it but perfecting a mixing it myself in my room but the songs coming on my next were engineered and mastered by Sensei Nowa we spent hours in that studio making this album filled with

Q.) Any dream collaborations?

I have so many different dream collaborations including with people who have past and are still here my biggest dream collaboration of all time would most definitely be Juice Wrld he is the artist i related to the most and my favorite but for people who are still here would be Lil Wayne I grew up with his music always playing around me he is a huge inspiration.

Q.) What are your most newsworthy accomplishments musically?

I opened for bone the mack in cincinati ohio

I've done shows in memphis and nashville

I have songs with Sensei Nowa

My all time streams on all platforms combined is 119,000 with out professional marketing and promo.

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