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Is That? "IsThatKipp"?! Get to Know One of Tennessee's Most Eccentric & Versatile Artists!

Artist: Kipp "IsThatKipp" Dalton

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap (East Coast)

Everydayclout is giving a huge welcome to one of the most versatile Artists comin' out of Tennessee! Kipp "IsThatKipp" Dalton. Kipp hails from a small town called Irish Cut in Tennessee, where the famous Gatlinburg/Dollywood is just a stone's throw away from his backyard.

What first got you into music?

"Funny enough Blue Grass as a child. Teenager was Rock 'n Roll. I didn’t realize the beauty of hip hop till 19 years old."

What are your hobbies & Interests apart from music?

"Gymnastics, Photography, and watching traffic!"

What's next for you?

"Building relationships and growing his relationship with his fans!"

What are key notes/information about you

"Key note about me is I'm always developing!"

Tell us about your latest project/single!

"My latest single, “Pull Up” explores what happens when I pull up. Whether it’s in person, conversation, or even your thoughts. And that’s me! #IsThatKipp"

Who is your Dream Collaboration?


Give us 2 quotes from yourself!

"“Gonna have haters no matter what your field is” (Look) Single. And “I give love to my haters I got Nipsey blues” (All Them) Single.

What are your most newsworthy mentions/notable achievements?

Aside from his music career, Kipp is also passionate about giving back to his community. In 2016, he organized a backpack giveaway for the youth in his hometown, which was sponsored by RapChat.

In 2022, he hosted an event with Yung Joc, which was aired on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Keep Up With Kipp Here!

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