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Kansas City Artist Eric Cohen Shares How Struggles Shape Us!

Writer/Editor: Corey Milewski

Eric Cohen is a Hip Hop Artist based in Kansas City, Missouri whose musical influences include Lecrae, Toby Mac, We Are Messengers and Andy Mineo. Eric Cohen was born in Madrid, Spain on December 12th, 1984. He draws on his life experiences and spiritual inspiration to bring a message of hope, peace and power to people from all belief systems and walks of life. This shines through in his music where his aggression and passion can be felt while the message is delivered.

Eric Cohen was raised in Stockton, Missouri. Afterwards he moved to Long Beach, Mississippi. Eric Cohen joined the United States Navy in 2003 and went into operation Iraqi freedom. Eric's mother passed in 2005 and he ended up leaving the Navy. Eric Cohen got everything that he owned wiped out by Hurricane Katrina. After that, he went to Haltom City, Texas where he stayed briefly. Finally Eric Cohen moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2006 where he remains creating music.

Eric prides himself on walking in his faith and providing and example of the power of harnessing the struggles of our own live's to create positive and successful experiences. Eric truely emulates the meaning of artistry both personally and professionally. In his case he knows it even spiritually. He loves performing and networking the most and keeps those as cornerstones of his brand.

Find Eric Cohen music on Spotify and Apple Music!

Let's hear it from Eric in His Own Words...

"It all begins with a beat ….
I have a history with darkness. From a chaotic childhood of poverty and addiction, to my own experiences with sin and vice. It's not been an easy road, but thank God He never gave up on me. Even after accepting Christ and getting clean, I continued to struggle with the temptations and pain of this world.
Two years ago my world was crumbling. My relationship with God and my family was at a low point. I felt useless, lost and in despair. I was sleeping in my car, unable to face my loved ones and without much hope for the future. That's when I heard it. The radio began playing a beat. That's where it all began. My soul was stirred for the first time in a long time. I bowed my head and let it move through me. I opened my mouth and out came the poetry that my heart had been holding in. I knew my mission from that day forth.
To anyone who is here listening to my music, first off I want to say thank you. But I also want you to know that whatever situation you’re in in your life right now, God has your back."

What are your most newsworthy mentions?

Eric Cohen received an award from the Tower Radio Show of Houston Texas for "Best Gospel Artist in 2021."

Eric Cohen was featured live at a Juneteenth Event in Kansas City, Kansas.

Eric Cohen performed live at "816 day on 18th and Vine"

Eric Cohen even performs at "Red's Room Entertainment" digitally

Eric is definitely an artist to watch. He delivers his message well using his own voice and allowing his Classical and Christian Hip Hop influences to be heard.

Eric Cohen has an album out right now titled "Paint a Picture" on Spotify and Apple Music. Check it out below!

What can we expect to see from Eric coming in to 2023?

"My latest project is an EP that is being mixed and mastered. The title is "Unity Across the Pond", this EP has beats produced by 2 British beat producers by the name of AJC and DJTuNeZ76. It will have 4 songs titled: Pain, God Gave Me You, Pressin Toward Them Blessings, and Forty Days and Forty Nights, along with one or two undecided bonus tracks."

Artist Name: Eric Cohen

Genre: Christian Hip Hop

Instagram: Ericlc25

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