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Edited by Alexis,Mandakis.

Meet upcoming artist Mr. Greasy J aka Black Frank Sinatra…

Jason Harris, today known as an independent artist by the name Mr. Greasy J aka Black Frank Sanatra born in Roanoke, Virginia. His hobbies outside of music are working out and reading books on everything possible. “I want to be a student of life;

Releasing his music that he produces, “I'm turning myself into an artist now. "Black Frank Sanatra"

Black Frank Sinatra is relaunching his brand IMT productions. Mr. Greasy J /Black Frank Sinatra is under this brand as an artist/producer. He has been producing for about 11 years now, seriously. He says he has some fresh current singles will be expected to be dropping here in the next forthcoming year.

Furthermore, he released a project called BFS, THE ONLY ONE on all platforms, a couple of years ago. In addition, he goes on to say “COVID-19 hit me hard in the pockets, As sure as many felt the effects as far”. Excited to see what this current era brings for his forthcoming re-launch of his brand.

Mr. Greasy J aka Black Frank Sanatra also was able to score a producer group called TheBackPackCoalition. 🎒 (TBS). Consistency wins with small or extensive goals. He adds, “never give up on what you are passionate about”. He states his ideal Collab would be both producer and great artist Pharrell because they both are From Virginia, and he plays piano as well. “Might as well knock out a song too with the legend”. When asked what his two ideal headlines would be, he replied,“Hot new upcoming producer/composer from Virginia or new producer/artist from East Coast on the rise”. Mr. Greasy J aka Black Frank Sanatra dropped some features on these tapes listed below. Be on the look-out for Mr. Greasy J aka Black Frank Sanatra on all major platforms.

Twitter @VaMrGreasyj Instagram @mrgreasyj Website

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