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Marshall Black A.K.A Yetti, the Most Complete Albino Artist In the World!

Artist: Marshall "Yetti" Black

Genre: Hip Hop

Where are you from?

"I’m from Lexington Kentucky"

What are your hobbies/interests outside of music?

"My hobbies and interests are probably video games as well as time outside doing some kind of physical activity with others."

What first got you into music?

"I first got into music when I saw my older brother playing in band when I was in 4th grade, I carried that all the way through his hook graduation where I had numerous accomplishments including honor bands, symphony bands, all state band, and all district where I was #1 overall"

What's next for you?

"Right now I’m focused on developing a noticeable brand with Marshall Black, getting my name out, and trying to connect with as many people I can on a personal level."

Any additional information or key notes?

"I’m very versatile in music. My extensive knowledge and experience with music has made it so much easier to constantly change and adapt to whatever the Industry is becoming. My loves for this goes much further than Hip Hop and I have an amazing ear for music."

Tell us about your latest project/single?

"My latest project that’s come out is called “MOOD SWINGZ” which is on Spotify Apple Music and all other platforms including tidal. "MOODSWINGZ" is a very challenging project because the mood changes with each song as I strive to give my listeners different views, perspectives and experiences with each song. I have a new project in the works. Part 2 of the "MOOD SWINGZ" project, it's coming soon but there isn’t yet a release date as we are still finishing up preparations."

Give us two of your favorite quotes.

"A quote I always like to say is “you can’t say you’ve never succeeded if you’ve never tried” Another one I say a lot is “Failure is never an option for me, I succeed as long as I’m consistently moving forward.”

Who is your dream collaboration?

"My dream collab is J Cole"

What are your most newsworthy mentions or achievements?

"I recently opened up for Ashanti and JA Rule in Lexington Kentucky’s RUPP ARENA in December of 2022 for the Jingle Jam"

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