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NOVA THE REBEL Drops  “Rise of the Underground pt. 2”

After keeping a low profile and opening up “Nova’s Hip Hop Academy”. The Cleveland rapper "Nova The Rebel" has returned with Rise of the Underground part 2, the sequel to “Rise of the Underground part 1”

   Nova says: “ I have something which will help up the volume of the Undergrounds voices!!  Its called RISE OF THE UNDERGROUND!!!! lots of dope music from many underground artists, not only will this provide exposure it’s going to allow me to open the door for more!!

   "Nova The Rebel" teaching music business.

“More” is Nova’s new Hip Hop Academy. Breaking open this new endeavor has allowed him to align with CTC Music Production & Recording program. Together their mission is to provide guidance, mentoring, and a connection to the industry to grow the natural talents our scholars bring to the table. Novas years of  being along side Bone Thugs n Harmony is the experience needed to help this project and new tape reach new heights.

   Although Rise of the Underground part 2dropped a few weeks later than anticipated, Nova still delivered the 17-track body of work as promised. The tape contains 17 tracks which features long time friends like Sensei Nowa from Kentucky, Joekane The Trackilla, Soul The Seekah, Tony Nollo, Drastic, Ritchie Carlyle, Lady Prophet, TMilezNdaBuildin, Soul Cawford, Deezy, All Cash 400, Konspearacy and Tony Nollo.

   You can stream Rise of the Underground part 2” on SoundCloud below.

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