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NVB Productions is here to stay and the numbers don’t lie

Hip hop is more than just music. It's a cultural phenomenon that encompasses art, dance, and fashion. One of the most significant aspects of hip hop culture is the music video. Music video producers are the unsung heroes of hip hop.

NVB Productions created the visual aesthetic that accompanies some of the top rap songs from Zayman of Kush Gang Entertainment LLC.

Meet the CEO of NVB Productions, a female owned video production company based in South Florida. Nelly is the mastermind behind some of the hottest videos released.

One of the things that sets NVB apart from other video producers is her attention to detail. She spends hours poring over every frame of her videos, making sure every shot is perfectly lit and every camera angle is just right. She's also a master of color grading, able to manipulate hues and tones to create a mood that perfectly complements the song.

But it's not just her technical prowess that makes NVB a standout video company.

She also understands the hip hop culture she works in. She knows how to capture the raw energy of a cypher or the swagger of a trap beat. She's able to seamlessly blend the old school with the up-and-coming, creating videos that pay homage to hip hop's past while also pushing the culture forward.

One of Nelly's most impressive works is her video for Zayman’s single “Whole Lot”. The video is a trap journey through Miami streets, with Zayman moving through the city getting money of course. The visuals are stunning, with neon lights and graffiti creating street life atmosphere. It's the ideal match for the song's trap, street vibe, and it's no wonder it has over 1 million YouTube views.

NVB videos aren't just visually stunning, they're also meaningful. She can tell a story through her videos, whether it's a tale of triumph over adversity or a celebration of life's joys. Her videos have a cinematic quality that elevates hip hop or any genre a form of art.

In conclusion, CEO Nelly Barreto is one of the most talented and innovative video producers in the hip hop South Florida scene. Her attention to detail, understanding of the culture, and ability to tell a story through her videos makes her equal to none. This is especially true for women behind the art. Wonder what she plans on creating next.

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