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EveryDayClout: WITH 97 THE BEAT FM. is an online radio station headquartered in Louisville, KY. 

Originally founded in 2016 by Anthony "Too Big" Bowen of Too Big Entertainment (RIP Mr. Too Big), which gained significant popularity and notoriety in 2017 with radio host DJ ICE. 

The online radio station and podcast features interviews with prominent and upcoming indie artists, musicians and local activists from Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. broadcasts popular Hip-hop & R&B from the 90s, 2000's, 2010's and 2020's. Occasionally the radio station plays undiscovered indie artist and musicians. 

In 2019 97TheBeatfm was acquired by entrepreneur Samuel Thomas AKA "StudioGod Sam" of Louisville, Ky. Since the acquisition, 97TheBeatfm relocated into its new corporate offices in the downtown 4th Street Live business and radio district located at 520 south 4th St. 

It's new corporate headquarters includes a full recording and podcast studio, which is used to produce it's daily podcast hosted by Louisville's top social influencers, DJ'S, radio host and podcasters such as Kelly Bundy, Rain Lyrics, 

Tia B, Lutha Chancey, RaiseUp TV, The Lituation Room 502 & Trap Revival Sunday's With DJ Popdon & Yng Bndz

97TheBeatfm also utilizes it's facilities to offer audio recording services, mixing and mastering & music production 

from music producers such as; WOLFEGANG AKA G Sharp whom is also the lead engineer at 97TheBeat Studios. In addition to it's audio recording division, they also offer video and film production services provided by it's in-house creative team ProblemChild (Out The Mud Ent.) and Lil FOE (FOEBOY Ent.)

Aside from it's audio and video services 97TheBeatfm provides promotional and marketing, radio rotation and social media management. Additionally, features "Artists of the Month" slots every month on

Last but not least, 97TheBeatfm offer's an array of event management services through its partnership with B Hen Entertainment.

#NowPlaying - @97thebeatfm on @TuneIn Radio!

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