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On Goo mode! Feezy Swavy

Everyday clout made another dope discovery let's meet Feezy Swavy.

Where are you from?

I was born in Niagara Falls NY but Buffalo NY built my character.

Outside of the music what do you like to do any hobbies?

Everything I do is pretty much music related or something of the arts. Being a Mom is at the top of my list. Music was always easy but being a Mom... it's not as easy as writing another track. I absolutely love both, it's like the balance of my purpose.

What first got you into music?

It's hard to say what first got me into music. Music was always just around me. In Elementary I wanted to play in the band because my brother was in the band but I couldn't so I joined the chorus. I knew the band and chorus did a lot of things together. I sang Opera and naturally took the spotlight throughout school until I graduated. The stage is what I fell in love with. My struggle transitioned to my style of m5.

What's next for you?

I can't say what's next. But there are great things coming because the seeds have been sown. I'm excited for the harvest. I am going to be releasing another song entitled "Goons" featuring Max Payn3 before the summer. Definitely check for that.

Tell us about your recent projects,

releases, tours, etc.

I recently dropped a single in January entitled "Go Mode". I had to release this song first because of why I wrote it. I needed to GO. I felt like I wasn't working hard enough and I watched as people out work me."

Give us two quotes from yourself.

Everything has an equal and opposite force and once you appreciate that they are equal and not just the opposite, you will understand that the opposite is what makes things whole" Feezy Swavy"I'm on Goooo Mooode"- Feezy Swavy.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Omg, a dream collab. I wouldn't want to exclude anyone. I'm open to making new sounds so I would like to explore all types of collaborations. I'm hesitating, it's not fair to pick just one. I want to do a song with Missy Elliott, Eve and Erykah Badu everyday but today I want to do a song with Denzel Curry, Joyner Lucas , Kendrick, Jcole and King Los. Matter of fact... email for the list (Joking..

Is there any newsworthy mentions you would like to add?

News worthy, I spoke about struggle transitioning me from Opera to Rap. Well when I found enough people supporting my music I decided to do a show called "Local Rap Gives Back". I was able to do the show twice. It was a show where artists and fans came together to give back. Everyone brought clothes or food to donate. I felt I needed to give back as I spent my time in shelters. Also, long before today's movements I wanted to make change and decided to throw a show called "Hip-hop in Black and White" . Despite my poor choice in name it brought together artists of all different ethnic backgrounds and we celebrated unity through art.

Make sure to check her out on all major platforms.

Artist:Feezy Swavy

Genre:Hip Hop

Spotify:– Feezy Swavy

Feezy Swavy on Apple Music

Youtube: Feezy Swavy - Topic - YouTube

Instagram: (@feezyswavy)

Facebook:Feezy Swavy | Facebook

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