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Pennsylvania’s own BillZBondz 🚨

Jay Johnson is BillZBondZ whom is an artist from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. BillZBondz is a member of hip-hop group Double Dragon with Kpt. KaveMan, and is part of Sol and the Sisko, a group featuring Jem Orun. BillZBondZ has deep ties to Colorado and Montana.

What first got you into music?

Initially interested in beat production, he switched the demo of Fruity Loops available at the time and started getting to know the program. A few of Jay's friends who rapped got into a beef and had a diss record aimed at them. After hearing the song, Jay was sure he could write a better verse, and at that time, LeyoNydaz was born. He eventually ended up changing the name to something simpler, and BillZBondZ became the moniker that would stick.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Crime, Lawyer and Political dramas, DC and Marvel type entertainment as well. Star Wars and Star Trek

Tell us about your latest project/single?

My version of an industry ready rapper. Spending hours in the studio practicing and preparing until the release of What's Been Good Lately Deluxe Version in summer of 2022, where I finally reached the level I always wanted to make music at. Until I realized that LeyoNydaz would hate everything about BillZBondZ. BillZ naturally does everything Leyo wishes he could. Charisma, energy, technical ability. All in a lane that Leyo never wanted to be in. Hence BillZBondZ v. LeyoNydaz. It was inevitable. Coming out Winter 2022!

Give us 2 quotes from yourself 

The way I'm living life? You would think I believe that I can't lose.
Y'all be hating on ya boy, but I don't care. 9 times outta 10, I'm not even really aware

Who is your dream collab?

Meek Mill and Will Smith

What are your most newsworthy mentions?

790k total streams, 6 BillZBondZ articles and a feature with King Magnetic produced by the Mighty MidwestMyles and most of the work on BillZBondZ v. LeyoNydaz was produced and edited by Micah Sanchez aka Prince Lockett

Any additional key notes?

What's Been Good Lately Deluxe Version came out this summer. The album BillZBondZ finally found his sound. 

Artist Name : BillzBondZ, LeyoNydaz

Genre : Hip hop/ Rap

Instagram : IllyBondZ

Website/other links :

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