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Rapper Mötz-Art starts off the year with 'Pissin' in the Wind'

Let me introduce you to Mötz-Art, a diverse artist emerging out of San Diego (born in Truckee, to be exact). This emcee is entering 2023 with a first of many releases promised for the upcoming year. ‘Pissin’ in the Wind’ dropped just a few days ago on Friday, January 6th.

Photo Credit: Hunter Sherwood

“I found a blessing in the depths of a curse

that I couldn’t live without

Shit, you might’ve known me then

the energy is different now”

This track embodies a certain sense of grittiness, but there’s still this underlying positivity present in the mood. A mental framework that highlights the growth of a young adult, a mindset that was assumably developed through a trial-by-fire. From the tensions in the struggles that got him here, the same things that were making him bitter were making him a better writer. The casual wordplay you’ll find in Mötz-Art’s music is equally as smooth and enigmatic as the jazzy boom-bap instrumental composed by Santa Cruz based producer, Sturgeon Beats.

Photo Credit: Seancy Media

With the energy of urban frustrations blended with ultimate disregard, this rhythmic lamenting is similar to the likes of Mick Jenkins, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, or Kid Cudi. He has a smooth vocal nuance that does justice to a memorable flow and experienced pen. The song is illustrated by themes of freeing yourself from spirals of negativity, leaps of faith, substance abuse, and the impacts of social environments.

Photo Credit: Hunter Sherwood

This is the introductory single leading into ‘Mötz Tape Vol. 1’, a selection of music he’s written since 2020 that we can expect in the Spring of this year. There’s a lot to come from this artist who we see contributing to the local underground music scene with his team SDUBD, San Diego Unified Bass District, who collectively throw EDM events and festivals in Southern California.

Written by Robb Teneo

Song: Pissin' in the Wind Artist: Mötz-Art (Distributed by Scorpion Distro)

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