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"Scaling the Heights of Music Marketing: Insights from Ta'Shay Copeland"

Ta'Shay Copeland, also known as the music plug, is a prominent member of the hip hop fraternity Kentucky chapter and a professional music marketer. From a young age, Ta’Shay had an ear for great music. It wasn't until 2020 that she truly stepped into her path and started making a real impact on the music industry. Starting as a secretary in a local studio, she quickly realized that she wanted to do more for the Radcliff artists.

Ta’Shay became determined to help the local talent get the recognition and success they deserved. She started by networking with other music industry professionals, as well as local artist and producers, to give them the tools and guidance they needed to reach their goals. Ta’Shay has since established herself as one of the most influential music marketers in the area, and she is dedicated to helping the local music scene continue to thrive.

In addition to her work as a music marketer, Ta’Shay is also an advocate of music education. She is passionate about helping artists realize their potential in the music industry. TaShay’s dedication to helping local artists and promoting the music of Radcliff has made her a true role model in the industry and her hard work is inspiring to many.

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