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Sean Artest And Triggs Collab for ‘Solo” Edited by Alexis, Mandakis

Both the New Jersey native artist and the New York native artist Triggs have connected in Atlanta. The two decided to team up together and create “Solo”. It's said to be a new hit in the music world. I took the time to listen to this heated track.

This track describes an independent woman who has taken the steps to elevate herself in the world. A part of that process for her is ignoring the men that aspire to waste her time. It definitely represented the lust men acquire for independent women, and the self-empowerment women feel after getting it done.

These two incredibly talented artists certainly hit it right on the head when describing the game experience on both sides.

There have been recent talks about both of them going on tour together, and I look forward to hearing future work from both of them. Trust me, “solo” is a good listen. I believe these two have bright futures!

The track is said to be released on 11/11/2022. Make sure you pre-order.

Artist. Triggs

Artist. Sean Artest

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