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Soundbase Studios, a new creative hub for Louisville musicians.

Soundbase Studios, a new creative hub for Louisville musicians, has recently opened its doors in the historic Portland neighborhood. The studio not only offers recording facilities under the ambiance of distinctive purple lighting but also provides valuable guidance on the business aspects of the music industry.

The studio is already known for collaborating with notable local talents and aims to elevate more emerging artists within the community. With a focus on nurturing talent, Soundbase Studios provides affordable recording sessions at $45 per hour, a rate designed to support new artists.

Co-owner Jon "Woo" believes in the potential for artists to achieve financial stability without reaching superstardom, emphasizing the viability of a middle-tier success. His partner, Kojin Tashiro, brings technical expertise to the studio, ensuring artists have access to high-quality equipment and sound engineering.

In addition to recording services, Soundbase Studios is committed to artist development, offering events like "Producer Corner" to foster a sense of community among Louisville's musicians. The studio stands as a beacon of growth and opportunity, inviting artists to not only create but also to learn and thrive in the music industry.


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