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DJ CHUNKS & Super Prodcer

[DON SCRUGE] took to their social media profiles this afternoon to announce that he will be releasing a new single real soon, lead by Icewear Vezzo. Check out the artwork for the record below, and expect this one to flood your headphones by later this quarter.

It’s important to Note major collaborations can be beneficial to a region on many different levels. These collaborations can create economic opportunities, boost tourism, and bring attention to community issues.

For example, a major collaboration between an A list rapper and a local artist can open up a new market and create opportunities in the area. It can also bring in revenue and promote a sense of pride in the region's music community.

Furthermore, these collaborations can help to increase tourist interest and showcase the region's culture. The artist involved in the collaboration may help to create and promote events and special offers in the area, bringing in more visitors and extending the benefits beyond the local music community.

Finally, these collaborations can bring attention to social and political issues in the region, as the artist may use their platform to raise awareness and advocate for change.

Listen to Vezzos latest single below.


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