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The amazing backstory of Hip Hop artist BillZBondZ

Artist biography

BillZBondz started rapping at about 17,and is 34 now. In his 20s he had lost his way and direction in life as he wasn't taking rap seriously for years. In 2017 that changed with the release of his first album Reminiscing. Since then BillZBondZ dropped 3 albums: What's Been Good Lately, What's Been Good Lately Deluxe Version and, most recently, BillZBondZ v. LeyoNydaz. BillZ is also in 2 hip-hop groups. Double Dragon with his brother Ray, and Sol and the Sisko with lifelong friend Jem Orun. 48 tracks recorded in 2022, 800k+ total streams since 2017.

How are you feeling about your last year success?

I grew from a rapper who barely rapped to an experienced, seasoned one through the many studio sessions with both Miles B. and Prince Lockett. I wouldn't be who I am without their help. Midwest Myles, another producer friend of mine got me into my comfort and confidence zone. I'm a force on the mic now because of them. 

Going into 2023 what are you most focused on?

Growing my brand. Before last year I wasn't confident in my artistic direction, or producing my best work. That's all in the past. Now that I have the body of work that is demanding respect, I want to link up with as many potential fans as possible. Over 4,000+ on Facebook between Double Dragon and BillZBondZ have been extremely supportive already. I make music for me, but the fans have been effective motivating me as well. 

How would you evaluate your progression as an artist from when you started to now?

When I first started, all I cared about was being better than the next man. I spent most of 2022 in the studio developing and perfecting my sound and through that process found out that it was never about them. Building my brand and finding my audience. I've started to really gain a following and am honestly thankful every day that hip-hop is something I'm involved in.

Any new collabs you have coming that you want to announce?

Planning on an EP of about 5-7 tracks with my guy Drem. Bright Lights Featuring Jem Orun and NastyNess.
Going to have my first music video, staring Melanie Rae Wendt, whom is an actress as well as having MidwestMyles being involved.
I'll also be having releases this year with BlacksmithTCB, Jon Martian, Kaine Marqo, MBK Richy, Young Kwil, and many more.

Any new music on that you recommend for people to check out?

In Line Featuring Kaine Marqo and MBK Richy also just recently released which is produced by Marqo as well.
Bulls In A China Shop Featuring Young Kwil, a homie who I inspired to start doing music linking up for our first feature. MidwestMyles on the production of that track.

What is keeping you motivated in doing music?

The fact any of this has happened for me is wild. I'm 7 years sober from hard drugs last December. I'm one of maybe 4 people who got out of that life. I'm blessed every day I'm alive. Now that this music is finally starting to pay off, my life is going well, and I married a wonderful woman who supports my dreams. I am in prime position to go for it all

Artist name : BillzBondZ

Genre : Hip Hop/Rap

Facebook : BillzBondZ

Spotify : BillZBondZ

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